Inspiration: 2001: A Space Odyssey

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  1. I´m agree. In my opinion there´s no conception of technology of future like 2001 odisey´s. A lot of films have been taken from an idea of how would be the design of technology in future ,and only a few are close to present.
    Maybe the fact that 2001 odisey´s is out of land, make it easer.When you posted this item, I thougth about “Blade Runner” ,” The Fith Element” and “Metropolis”, but the way those films take the conception of future is about a retro design of future (another idea for post;) ).

    We love your blog.
    Best regards

  2. Good call! I watched this for the first time a few months ago, and while the movie didn’t completely blow me away, the art direction and effects did!

    The psychedelic trip scene was breathtaking! I was absolutely hypnotized.

  3. I always loved the graphics of the Ae-35 unit spinning around on the display….. Never mind dated, 2001 is still THE best GUI / Graphic Design visual Sci-FI feast, and probably always will be – Eurostile has never looked better

  4. 2 fun facts about HAL:

    He was made with a Cinerama 160 degree Fairchild-Curtis wide angle camera lens.
    HAL = IBM. The previous letters of the alphabet..


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