Inspiration: Roger Dean

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  1. My pleasure, Kieran. I’ve been enjoying going through your website, especially since you break up your posts by artist. You have an excellent resource going :)

  2. I remember that my dad had a big book of fantasy illustration that featured a ton of his work. I used to love looking through when I was a kid, between probably 9 to 12 years old… And a ton of old Heavy Metal magazines from the late 70’s and early 80’s that I would read when my mom wasn’t looking :) I just came to the realization very recently how big an influence that stuff was, and I wish I still had those books.

  3. Hey James I presumed you checked out all the Psygnosis Roger Dean Art I have featured – I wonder, as a Canadian had you seen that stuff before? As I thought Amiga/St Games from 80’s early 90’s weren’t really much of a North American thing…. have linked to your site BTW… superb Graphic Art style you have

  4. Oh, man…boy you hit me right in the kisser with this! I just discovered your site and your work which is amazing but here you’ve got examples of Roger Dean and I’m all of a flutter. (-.-) I have two books of his, Views and Magnetic Storm. If you don’t have ’em…get ’em. He’s just an awesome artist and architect/designer. If you get a chance, check out some of my other favs: Rodney Matthews, Robert Venosa and Richard Powers. Thank you!

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