Red Bulletin magazine cover

Red Bulletin magazine by James White

I was asked by the UK-based Red Bulletin magazine to design the cover for their issue featuring the GP Belgium 2008 event, held over the September 6 weekend.

The Bulletin really wanted to push the design for this issue in an unconventional direction, based on my retro-light works. It was a challenge and ultimately a lot of fun to create the Formula-1 cars in a cubist style, mingled with the abstract shapes and an overall art deco design. I couldn’t help adding a bit of Saul Bass flavour when creating the type treatment.


  1. It’s beautiful! Just like you said it reminds me of old art deco posters but still has a modern feel to it.

  2. pzilla

    Wow, I really like that. My favorite part of the cover are the wheels.

  3. C

    Ahh. Fantastic! Very well done!

  4. Ray

    wow. way to nice.

  5. Great working with you James. Looking forward to working together on something else next year.

    Thanks again

    Phil and the team of The Red Bulletin

  6. AB

    spectacular work

  7. I am very impressed by this work! Sincere congrats, James!

  8. Jon

    Wow. As an F1 fan and design geek, this is fantastic. Love the treatment of the Honda’s graphics, and the look over all. First rate stuff!

  9. Very good design and thinking. I was just wondering if the 3 cars should be shifted going up instead downward would make it great.

  10. very cool! i really like how you incorporated the whole retro thing without merely copying, & a little saul bass never hurts, does it?
    did you know he was responsible for the great split screen effects in john frankenheimer’s Grand Prix? or did you have that in mind when you did the cover?
    looking forward to more interesting work from you – thanks for posting.

  11. Onno

    Will this design become available inyour shop? I can see it hanging in my room already :)

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