Inspiration: Logos by Saul Bass

Saul Bass logos

Saul Bass logos

Logos by Saul Bass

Most people know Saul Bass by his unique movie posters and opening movie credit design. He forged a new way of thinking about the design and elements relating to film and forever changed the designers role in the industry.

However, Bass also worked as an identity designer creating some of the strongest and most important brands, most of which are still in use today. Listed above are:

1. Bell, 1969
2. AT&T, 1984
3. United Airlines, 1973
4. Avery International, 1990
5. Continental Airlines, 1968
6. United Way, 1972
7. Minolta, 1978
8. Girl Scouts, 1978
9. Quaker Oats, 1971
10. Kleenex
11. Dixie, 1969
12. Warner Communications, 1972

If anyone knows when the Kleenex logo was created feel free to drop a comment.

Inspiration: Invisible Creature

Invisble Creature

Invisble Creature

The beautiful multi-disciplined CD artwork by the Seattle-based Invisible Creature. Flip through their Selected Work section to see their amazingly wide spectrum of styles and themes.

2008 DJ Olympics poster

DJ Olympics by James White

As I mentioned in previous posts, I have been very busy working on some cool freelance projects over the past couple of months, one of which being this poster for the DJ Olympics. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Halifax-based competition.

I always jump at the opportunity when a client gives me creative freedom over the final product, which is always how the DJO guys conducted themselves. I did a lot of design work for them back when the event was in it’s first couple of years so it was an honor to revisit them in their 10th year.

Signalnoise Rorschach t-shirt

Signalnoise Rorschach t-shirt

I have a very limited supply of Signalnoise Rorschach t-shirts available for purchase at the Signalnoise Store in standard M, L and X-L sizes. These are white silkscreened on black Gildan Ultra Cotton t-shirts and will be shipped in bubbled envelopes.

The rorschach crow image was taken from the cover of my Art of Signalnoise book I released just over a year ago, which catalogues my work from 1999 – 2007.

Unfortunately this limited run is only available in the sizes listed above, but I am planning on offering more Signalnoise apparel in the future.

Signalnoise Store: delayed orders

Because of a few shipping and stock supply issues coupled with demand, there has been a bit of a bottleneck in my shipping orders out. So if you ordered anything from the Signalnoise Store last week (August 10 – August 16) you might experience a slight delivery delay. However, all orders will be shipped this week.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and thanks so much for your understanding.

Inspiration: Meomi


In keeping with the theme of the previous post, here is Vancouver/LA-based illustration duo of Vicki Wong and Michael Murphy, known also as Meomi. Wonderful character design with soft palettes. Meomi is also responsible for the wicked olympic mascot designs for Vancouver 2010, and along with a lot of images showcasing the characters (see the Flickr set).

If that isn’t ambitious enough, they also have a line of children’s books, The Octonauts.

Check out Meomi’s Flickr stream to see their full range of work, as well as their pretty adorable website.

Inspiration: Malota


I have been a huge fan of the stylized character-based works of Malota (aka Mar Hernández) for quite some time now and am in awe of the amount of quality work she generates. Illustration, design, toys, prints, paintings, the list goes on as you thumb through her hefty portfolio and Flickr stream.

She seems to have a graphic designers approach to character and environment design with her fluid lines, lovely palettes, flourishes and typography.

You can check out Mar’s work at her website, her Flickr stream.

Inspiration: Tim Jarvis

Tim Jarvis: A Base Reference

I’m really enjoying the abstract digital and print work of Tim Jarvis. Tim’s portfolio is mighty with lots of beautiful pieces across an array of styles and mediums. The above images are a mere taste, check out his website, A Base Reference for a full listing of his work.