August Wallpaper at Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine James White

The wicked team over at Smashing Magazine have posted their newest assortment of wallpapers for the month of August, one of which being my Signalnoise A/V piece. I had previously posted a version of the work entitled Varo International Ltd., but reworked it for Smashing Magazine.

If you’re looking to color up your system, head over to Smashing Magazine and check out the newest gallery of wallpapers.

As for myself, I have been very busy working on a few exciting freelance projects over the past month which is why updates haven’t been as frequent as usual. More to come on these as they are completed and ready for showing.

Inspiration: Science fiction covers

Science fiction book covers

Here is a wonderful Flickr set of science fiction book scans, full of beautiful space-aged illustration, photography and design. Most of which look to be from the 70s and early 80s. I had a hard time selecting which ones to show here because they are all so vastly different in their on ways, most of which really make me miss painting.

Thanks to Martin Isaac for posting this great collection.

Inspiration: Polish movie posters

Polish movie posters

A beautiful gallery of movie posters, mostly Polish but including some Czech and Cuban designs as well as a few by Saul Bass. Brilliant ideas and conceptual throughout these designs.

It must have been amazing to work in the industry around this time (1940s) when the hand drawn movie poster was the norm, and artists relied on symbolism to represent the themes of the film. Unlike today when all you need is a big shot of Tom Cruise’s head to make a few million.

Milton Glaser by Hillman Curtis

Milton Glaser by Hillman Curtis

Hillman Curtis has been creating a series of short films showcasing an array of artists and designers, entitled quite appropriately, the Artist Series. I was recently introduced to the series through, where they posted the wonderful Curtis-made video showcasing designer Milton Glaser. I was familiar with a few Glaser works, namely his poster featuring Bob Dylan, and his I Love NY logo.

Milton Glaser

The film is incredible, showing many pieces of Glaser’s pieces and footage of his studio while he talks about the role of artists and designers in the world. Not only is Glaser skilled at his craft, but exceptional at breaking down the core reasons why us artists do what we do, and what the work means to the world. I can certainly identify with what Glaser was speaking about, as I’m sure many artists would. I wish I could write 50 quotes from Glaser’s dialogue, but instead I will settle on my favorite:

“Where am I going with design? That’s a hard question, because none of us has the ability to understand our path until it’s over.”

It is well worth spending 6 minutes to watch this inspirational film. Check it out here.

Veerle interview with James White

Veerle interview with James White

Veerle Pieters who runs the design-blog powerhouse Veerle’s Blog posted an interview where she talks with me about my art, processes, and inspirations. You can check out the interview right here.

Veerle’s Blog is wonderful stop for any designer looking for full-tilt inspiration, tutorials and other design related information. Well worth checking out.

Inspiration: CBS logo history

CBS logo

CBS logo

I applaud CBS for sticking to their guns for over 50 years. The longer you use a logo the more powerful it will become, and this holds true for the iconic CBS eye. Here is a great little Flash animation on CBS’ website showcasing some of their onscreen identities throughout the years, and a bit of information behind it. An interesting excerpt:

“William Golden’s original inspiration came while he was driving through Pennsylvania Dutch country, where he became intrigued by the hex symbols resembling the human eye drawn on Shaker barns to ward off evil spirits. He also came across a drawing in a Shaker art book from the 1850s that also looked like an eye. With the help of graphic artist Kurt Weiss, the first Eye logo was drawn.”

I remember being a bit unnerved by this logo when I was kid, probably because of the big brother nature of the design. Seeing that big eye looking back at me gave me the impression they were watching me. Interesting dichotomy.

Inspiration: NBC logo history

NBC logo

NBC logo

With all of the logo and identity posts I have been writing and thinking about lately, I decided to look into some of my favorites and the history behind them. And it’s no secret that I love broadcast design.

So here is a look back at the history of the NBC peacock design, and the deviations the company explored along the way. Very interesting how they departed from the peacock for almost 20 years before it eventually re-emerged.

Note: There are a few inconsistencies here in terms of date because I’m sure the corporate logo differed from what ended up onscreen at the time.

Inspiration: Olympic posters

Olympic posters

A small sampling of some great Olympic poster designs via Maps of the World. The line work in the Seoul design is simply slammin’.