Michael Gillette’s Bond covers

James Bond redesign

James Bond redesign

James Bond redesign

James Bond redesign

These surfaced on the web around a month ago, so they might be old news to some. But I really wanted to make en entry dedicated to these beautiful cover redesigns for the James Bond book series by Penguin books and amazing artist Michael Gillette, who also has a blog.

These redesigns floored me and are continuing to do so. Brilliant bold colors on blank backgrounds, very hip and tailored typography reminiscent of 60s and 70s rock posters, and the iconic beautiful Bond women. In modern day book cover design (with black backgrounds, Trajan typeface and a big “Now a major motion picture” sticker), these designs defy all of that and really back a sense of nostalgia and excitement. I remember seeing painted Louis L’Amour covers in my father’s book collection when I was a kid which brought with it a sense of humanity, being that this image was made by someone’s hand.

I sometimes get lost on my computer while experimenting with new ways to do my artwork and lose touch with my traditional side, the side that led me here in the first place. Upon first discovery, I looked sadly from my screen over to my shelf of sketchbooks in realization that my time spent drawing in the park has been seriously depleted over the past couple of years. And that just isn’t right.

At a time when the book/movie industry could have easily whipped off some slick Bourne Identity knock-off designs, Penguin and Michael Gillette issued this violent and beautiful reminder that drawing and painting will always, always be king.

Discard – Reuse 2

Re-use Discard James White

Like the previous post, this is another example of re-using previously made color and form studies to make something new. This one goes back to being inspired by television network idents from the 1970s.

Discard – Reuse

Discard Reuse James White

I enjoy going back through some of my client art folders in search of discarded vectors such as logos, symbols, icons and shapes. I usually do a lot of shape and color studies while developing a concept, so I generate quite a lot of unused vectors.

These discarded bits come in very handy, this new piece being a prime example. This was made using color/shape studies for a logo concept I was developing a few months ago. The design ended up going in a completely different direction which left me with a bunch of colorful little vectors. I’m a big believer in reusing the almost forgotten.

Inspiration: Lucia Holm

Lucia Holm

Lucia Holm

Lucia Holm goes by the moniker Miss Lulu & The Teaspoon Shortage on Flickr, and has quickly become one of my favorite photographers. I stumbled upon her gritty yet beautiful self portraiture work quite some time ago and was taken aback. She has a very unique style combining desaturated palettes and rough textures with soft curves and bold color accents. She also makes a wonderful subject herself, the topmost photo above is absolutely perfect. So 70s.

Her work dances on the line of retro and modern alternative, which is an aesthetic I have always liked. Check out her extensive portfolio at Miss Lulu & The Teaspoon Shortage.

Four new Signalnoise prints

Signalnoise James White

Four new Signalnoise prints.

I’m happy to announce 72 Eindelijk Dynamo, Legacy 2600, Robot Rock and Solid Gold Bomb have been added to the Signalnoise Store and are now available for purchase.

Legacy 2600 and Robot Rock have been slightly altered from my previous versions where I removed any logos that were not my own :) Robot Rock is inspired by the song by Daft Punk of the same name, and Legacy 2600 pays homage to the great Atari 2600 that was released in 1977.

You can check them all out at the Signalnoise Store.

72 Eindelijk Dynamo

72 Eindelijk Dynamo by James White

I’ve been working on a few fun projects lately and it hasn’t left me much time to talk about my own stuff.

Since I returned from Paris I’ve been busy prepping some new additions to the Signalnoise Store, one of which being the 72 Eindelijk Dynamo poster seen above. Along with this poster, I will be adding three others available to purchase at the same time. This is the biggest store update I’ve done so far and I’m excited to get the new art into the mix.

Check back Monday for the announcement.

James White in Computer Arts

I was also included in the Exposure section in the latest issue of Computer Arts magazine (#148), where they showcased by 2001 piece along with a brief write-up on me and my artwork. It’s on the newsstands now.

Slick Corea – Children of the Idiom

Phil Chang

La Femme - Varo, James White

Phil Chang has launched the website for his album/thesis project Slick Corea – Children of the Idiom, which is downloadable and accompanied by a book via PDF.

The publication features amazing artwork by talents such as Eric Chang, Adhemas Batista, Peter Jaworowski, Spaceknuckle, Simone Magurno, Pablo Alfieri, Diego Quintana, Radim “Brand Nu” Malinic, Eric Sin, Ravi Vasavan, Justin Maller, Michael Creagh, Kervin Brisseaux, Emeric Trahand, João Oliviera, and Gianluca Fallone. I contributed the Varo/La Femme hybrid piece to his project.

You can check it out at laundrolarge.com

Inspiration: Cole Rise

Cole Rise

I rarely blog or search out inspirational photographers simply because I know so little about the medium, but a friend brought the work of Cole Rise to my attention about two years ago which stopped me in my tracks. Cole has an amazing eye for color and aesthetic, but more importantly he has an eye for striking atmosphere. His work tends to have a simple subject (such as a few birds in the distance, or a single cow) but with that he conjures an amazingly ominous presence with desaturated color and an excellent use of natural matter, such as cloud or a single tree.

His work continues to amaze me. Check out his personal website at Colerise.com, and his Flickr stream.