Good Night and Good Luck

Good Night and Good Luck by James White

This new piece entitled Good Night and Good Luck, the saying made famous by Edward R. Murrow, originated as I was once again messing around with unused vector parts from a previous client job.


  1. K3v

    Looks nice, I like your style! :)

  2. Simply beautiful !

  3. Hey James! Can’t wait to see your artwork featured on a science-fiction movie poster!

  4. How do you do the lines? O.O

    Great Work.

  5. james (Author)

    Thanks everyone!

    Alexander, the feedback lines were created fairly simply. I made a series of lines in Illustrator, pasted them into Photoshop and used them as a mask for the layer beneath. Then duplicated that layer and blurred the edges a bit to add to the effect.