Signalnoise and Smashing Magazine wallpaper

Signalnoise and Smashing Magazine

I was asked by the kind folks over at Smashing Magazine to participate in their monthly wallpaper gallery, so I put together a design based on a previous logo/icon study. Strongly influenced by the NBC logo, I wanted to create something that still had the cosmic feel of my other work but maintained a 70s broadcast approach.

You can have the wallpaper with the July 2008 calendar, or a version without.

Go check out the post at Smashing Magazine to download the wallpaper at four different sizes.

Good Night and Good Luck

Good Night and Good Luck by James White

This new piece entitled Good Night and Good Luck, the saying made famous by Edward R. Murrow, originated as I was once again messing around with unused vector parts from a previous client job.

Inspiration: Eric Tan’s Wall•e posters

Eric Tan’s Wall•e posters

Eric Tan’s Wall•e posters

I’ve been a big fan of Eric Tan’s retro stylings after coming across an X-men poster he did a little while back. Eric’s work does not only nail the poster aesthetic prominent in the 40s and 50s, but his composition and color choices bring with it a certain joy and optimism. It’s obvious he puts a lot of heart into his work, which is probably why he is such a wonderful fit for the talented folks over at Pixar.

I was thrilled when I started seeing Eric’s Wall•e posters emerge. Via Abduzeedo.

I’ve been waiting on the edge of my seat for Wall•e for over two years now, and it opens in theaters tomorrow.

2008 Toyota Matrix designs

2008 Toyota Matrix by James White

I was recently given the wonderful opportunity to work on a Toyota campaign promoting the 2008 Matrix. I was supplied with a rendering of the car and I was to create three unique designs based on characters in the campaign. Being a metalhead, I leaped at the opportunity to create a modern car with flames and rivets.

This project felt like I was designing real Hot Wheels cars. Needless to say, I had a blast working on these.

We had an equivalent concept here in Canada, but this campaign never made it north of the border. But this was a part of the Your Other You campaign in the US.

Varo International Ltd.

Varo International Ltd. James White

A new piece entitled Varo International.

Inspiration: Lexus IS-F commercial

Lexus IS-F

I don’t know a whole lot about cars, but I’ve always been intrigued by car commercials. In order for car companies to make their newest autos look fresh and on the cutting edge they are forced to invest in the latest and greatest design and effects going. They may have short shelf-life, but the forward-thinking car commercials tend to be at the forefront of wicked new video styles.

A prime example is this new ad for the Lexus IS-F. The engine sound was recorded while slick and fast abstract 3D shapes bolt around the screen to make the sound visual. I’m not sure what company did the work on this piece, but it turned out beautiful for what I’m sure was a very difficult concept to develop.

Edit: Check out the Lexus IS-F commercial right here. Thanks to Krew over at The Passionate Pursuit for the link!

Signalnoise in Perth, Australia

Juicebox Creative and Signalnoise

Juicebox Creative in Perth Australia hosted a music, fashion, design and film show entitled We Are One on June 14 – 15. Some of my artwork was part of the design showcase and projected on huge screens, seen in the above photos sent to me from the organizers.

I only wish the commute wasn’t so lengthy from Halifax, otherwise I would have been there to see the spectacle.

A big congratulations to Juicebox for putting together such a wonderful show.

Inspiration: Working Empire

Working Empire

I’m really enjoying the professional and experimental work of Patrick Corrigan over at Working Empire. His portfolio is very diverse, with an obvious willingness to try new design avenues. Wonderful stuff.