Inspiration: Network Osaka

Network Osaka

Beautifully crafted posters by New York design student D Kim, or known by his Flickr moniker as Network Osaka. Great sense of typography and balance with a very hardcore Swiss design sensibility. I love seeing design motifs from our past mixed with the new tools and styles from modern day, and Network Osaka accomplishes this in stride.


  1. Hey James,
    I got a private message over at flickr with this entry. I really appreciate it :-)

    You’ve got some amazing work yourself and I have to say I was impressed the first time I saw your stockholm piece… and pretty much with the rest of the stuff that came after that. :-P

    Anyways, thanks for linking me up and keep doing what you’re doing :-)

    Best regards!

  2. james (Author)

    D Kim, my pleasure! Thanks for all the inspiring work.

  3. Thanks to Patrick LeBœuf for the book analogy. ,

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