New works: The Bones of Cities

Bones of Cities: James White

Dragon Redux: James White

I have been experimenting a bit more with straight abstraction lately, and trying to build some images using far more complicated overlays and shape combinations. These two new pieces, The Bones of Cities and Dragon Redux were a couple of the results. I’m drawing on some concept art influences in these ones, like Ralph McQuarrie (Star Wars) and Syd Mead (Bladerunner).

These pieces incorporate similar shape combinations as my previous retro-cosmic work, but they are being outputted from Illustrator with far more intricate detail. This resulted from a mistake made while I was creating new assets: I hit a wrong button while working with the brushes, the computer froze for a second, then a crazy complicated vector pattern appeared. Nothing ground breaking at all, but these combinations are very interesting to watch react with one another.

Also, Evan over at, my favorite arts and culture website, was kind enough to write a little piece about me and my work.


  1. I really like these, especially the first one. Your straight abstract style is great, but its cool to see the whale sneaking in there.

  2. I really love that top one – the whale and the color really hit it for me. In some ways, it has me thinking of the last scene in AI, when the future-robots were excavating the city below the ice.

  3. Wow.

    I was just about to order one of your order prints but I’m absolutely in love with “Bones of Cities” , any chance of a print being released anytime soon ?


  4. james (Author)

    Thanks for the kind words, guys.

    Zac, thanks so much for the interest. I’m still developing the style for the Bones of Cities works, these are merely test images as I explore how these complicated shapes work with one another. A lot of trial and error involved, and a lot of scraping :) But yes, Cities will be added to the store when I’m comfortable with designing a hi-res version. Hopefully my computer can handle all of these complex vectors.

  5. It’s stellar man..
    I can already hear lush whale echoes rhythmically resounding off some sunken futuristic metropolis..
    Very serene

  6. wow! love the underwater scnene. so out of place, and yet perfect together. the scale of cities, vs the largest animal on the planet…

  7. TulippeDSGN

    Wow, incredible work.
    its hard to believe your in halifax.

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