Signalera 2008 on cassette

Signalnoise audio cassette

Just a fun piece showing what a Signalnoise audio cassette might look like, in the unlikely event should I ever need to design one :)

Featured in Ideafixa #10


Ideafixa, an art e-magazine out of Brazil, has launched issue #10 and features some of my textured, painterly artwork created late last year. The theme of the issue is Fear and Loathing and featured lots of great art and artists from around the world in an array of different styles and mediums.

Go check out Ideafixa 10, Fear and Loathing.

Justice: DVNO video

Justice DVNO video

My friend Edwardo just brought this video to my attention, DVNO by Justice. This piece of work is super rich with late 70s computer graphic styles and effects and loaded with really sharp television promo design from that era. Great logo design for the lyrics and stellar transition effects with colorful spectrum lines, grids, etc. I would have loved to have been part of the team working on this.

Check out DVNO by Justice now.

The above images don’t do the video justice, go check it out for yourself. My jaw is still on the floor. Seriously.