Protostar Cosmique

Protostar Cosmique: James White

Protostar Cosmique is inspired by cosmic photographs taken of distant nebulas. A protostar is the name given to an embryotic star formed in giant gas columns by the accumulation of dust and eventual ignition. You can see a detail shot right here.

This will soon make it’s way into the Signalnoise Store when I make another run of prints to re-stock.

Inspirational design books

Design books

I made my way out the the local Chapters today on the prowl for some inspirational design books and struck some gold. I purchased some books chalk full of fantastic stuff that design nerds like me would be all over. Shown above are:

History of the Poster by Josef & Shizuko Müller-Brockmann
Heaven and Earth by David Malin & Katherine Roucoux
Typographic Systems by Kimberly Elam
The Art of the Band T-shirt by Amber Easby & Henry Oliver
CD-art by Charlotte Rivers

Inspiration: Atari

Atari: James White

Where would we be without them? Atari exploded onto the gaming scene in 1977 and pioneered an entire new genre of entertainment with both arcade games and a home video gaming system, the Atari 2600. With this monumental success came an entire spread of amazing screen and print design that defined the bright colorful style of the late 70s.

By the time I was at an age to appreciate video games the Atari 2600 was already six years old and I received a hand-me-down system from a cousin, complete with a cardboard box overflowing with games. I remember my favorites being Berzerk, Yars Revenge, Pitfall and the mighty Frogger.

Joe Kral has assembled a wonderful Flickr set of Classic Atari game manual covers. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a full-blast retro onslaught.

Two more iPhone wallpapers

iPhone wallpapers, James White

Here are a couple more Signalnoise wallpapers for your iPhone or iTouch. This time it is Robot Rock and BASF. Feel free to download and color up your devices.

Robot Rock

Robot Rock, Daft Punk: James White

Robot Rock was inspired by the music and live performances of Daft Punk. I only recently became a fan of the two robots from France and I’ve been pretty fascinated with not only their music, but their image and overall hook. Putting on cool robot masks and performing for millions of fans is the best rockstar image I have come across yet. And their concerts look amazing as they play their songs on crazy touch-screen technology.

The color treatment for this piece comes from the cover of their recent Alive 2007 album.

The Jacksons: Can You Feel It?

Can You Feel It? The Jacksons

Can You Feel It? by The Jacksons is one amazing piece of retro special effect cinematography. It has the unmistakable style of late 70s computer effects with a mix of psychedelia not far from the first Heavy Metal movie. This video has it all: lens flares, sparkles, star fields, rainbows, fire, etc. So rich with retro styles.

I’ll never quite know what the Jacksons were trying to get across with this video, besides making the world happy by growing 50 stories tall and dropping sparkles on everyone. Regardless, it’s an amazing piece of work and well worth a watch.

Signalnoise Store re-stock

Signalnoise Store re-stock

I have re-stocked the Signalnoise Store with all of the previously available prints, as well as the new Looking Glass print (pictured above). All prints are 18″ x 24″ high quality digital prints on semi-gloss poster stock.

So head over to the Signalnoise Store if you are interested in checking out the supply.

Faces Magazine feature

Faces Magazine - James White

Faces Magazine, a local publication here in Halifax, Nova Scotia ran a feature on me an my artwork in their newest issue, where I talk about some of my influences and being a kid in the 1980s. You can check it out in PDF format right here.

I even named the article after one of my favorite White Zombie songs.