Protostar Cosmique

Protostar Cosmique: James White

Protostar Cosmique is inspired by cosmic photographs taken of distant nebulas. A protostar is the name given to an embryotic star formed in giant gas columns by the accumulation of dust and eventual ignition. You can see a detail shot right here.

This will soon make it’s way into the Signalnoise Store when I make another run of prints to re-stock.


  1. nice.
    i think your art have a very “musical” feeling. that’s great.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Hubble and sure the nebulas and cosmic bodies are a great source of inspiration.
    I always visit the NASA/ESA Hubble website [] for there’s a lot of high quality images to download and appreciate.
    Good work!

  3. see James, this is the type of things that makes me want to sell my computer and start a Deli.

    This is AMAZING. I Love it.

  4. james (Author)

    Thanks everyone.

    Christian, thanks so much for that link to the Hubble site. I’ve been a fan of the ‘Astronomy Photo of the Day’ website, but this one is far more concise. I appreciate the heads up.

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