The Dagger Woods

Dagger Woods: James White

Dagger Woods pays homage to horror movie posters and VHS covers from the 70s. Long gone are the days when all you needed was a skull with the movie title to freak people out. I remember seeing VHS covers for Halloween, Rosemary’s Baby and Evil Dead 2 when I was little and desperately wanted to see these crazy movies, because if the cover was enough to scare me the movie must be insane.

Dagger Woods is an actual place in rural Nova Scotia. Upon seeing the road sign for the first time I immediately thought “That sounds like the scariest place on earth.” It would make a very appropriate horror movie title.

You can see a detail right here.

Varo Broadcasting Corporation

Varo Broadcasting Corporation: James White

Varo Broadcasting Corporation is an extension on the radial motif I used in a previous work. I wanted to use my shapes to form into a solid representation of a logo to make it a bit more iconic. I also polished the forms a bit more in this one which gives it an almost disco feel. I allowed the shapes to be a bit more visible in this one to show off more linework. You can see a detail right here.

Once again, this is designed at 18 x 24 and will eventually land in my store. I will be prepping most of my pieces this week to be sent for print tests along with finalizing the online store, which has a few loose ends that need tying up.

Inspiration: Superman movie design

Superman opening credits

I was watching the extra features on the Superman Returns DVD earlier today and was reminded of how brilliant the opening sequences on this movie are, as well as the original Richard Donner Superman movie from the late 70s. I remember how big that opening credit sequence was when I was a kid, with the names bursting into 3D and the giant Superman logo reveal. Very high-tech for it’s time. Brian Singer’s movie opener kept the same spirit as the original, with a slicker updated design.

Included in the above graphic are shots from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude which has giant crystals criss-crossing at 45º angles. Amazing design choice. Also included is the original movie poster with it’s abstract blurred line representing the Man of Steel.

This doesn’t do the motion bits much justice, but you can see the original opening sequence here and the Superman Returns opening here.

iPhone wallpapers at Poolga

iPhone iTouch wallpapers

The kind folks over at Poolga asked me to create a couple of iPhone wallpapers for their already awesome gallery of designer pieces. The website describes Poolga as “iPhone and iPod Touch wallpapers from a selection of designers and illustrators from around the world.” Very cool spot to slick-out your technology.

So you can now download Commodore 64 and 1976 in iPhone and iTouch format over at