More iPhone wallpapers

iPhone: James White

I have two new iPhone wallpapers available for download and use on your slick technology. This time you can grab The Looking Glass and Munich to add a bit of color to your iPhone or iTouch.



  1. oh dude srsly , you are one hell of a guy these are ace

  2. I just bought a 32GB iPod Touch. I’ll totally blame you when my credit card bill arrives. Now to add your sweet wallpapers.

  3. r

    great designs but another horrible misuse of flash.

  4. Josh

    These are some fantastic looking wallpapers, you should be very proud

  5. ace bro! love your style, and now with the iphone 2.0 upgrade it’s a snap to use (just click and hold to save the image).

  6. andrew

    thank u ,your art always cool, i like it ,thx again

  7. Dario

    dude! this is awesome keep up the good work, I admire you

  8. I love these wallpapers! Especially Munich. Its color just looks so vibrant! I featured them in a blog post here: PSDden.

  9. These are simply gorgeous. Retina display updates would go down a storm.

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