Signalnoise Store update

The store has been open for a week and a half and I have sold out of Commodore 64, Munich and 1976 prints. Many thanks to everyone who are continuing to support my online art venture.

I will be restocking the store very soon once my new prints arrive from the shop, and will be adding a few new items to the shelves early next week. If you missed out on the first run, check back soon when my supply is replenished. Thanks!

Inspiration: Star Trek motion picture

Star Trek poster

This was brought to my attention a few weeks after designing the Commodore 64 piece, and the completely unintentional resemblance my piece has to the first Star Trek movie poster. Not being a huge Star Trek, I don’t remember ever seeing this poster anywhere previously but the similarities in style are undeniable.

The poster was created by Bob Peak, whose movie poster portfolio is incredible.

Since then, a friend brought over the dvd for a viewing and the movie is ripe with 70s computer special effects goodness. They were obviously not going for something realistic, but more taking liberties on designing the effects to look stylized and unique. Very 2001: A Space Odyssey style of 70s psychedelia. It’s well worth a watch for those who like that kind of thing.


Thank-you from James White

I haven’t had very much time to keep up on updating over the past week, so I wanted to post a huge thank-you to everyone who took the time to support the Signalnoise Store. The response has been overwhelming and exciting and I appreciate all those who ordered my posters. I have been working hard packaging and shipping posters from Australia to France.

I am working on a few more additions to the store and will have more news about this next week when the air clears. Thanks for the support everyone.

Signalnoise Store now open

Signalnoise store

The Signalnoise Store is now launched with five prints available for purchase: Signalera, 1976, Dagger Woods, Munich and Commodore 64. All are high-quality digital prints on white, semi-gloss stock and are hand-signed. I did a low print run until things get off the ground, so the prints are in limited quantities for the time being. All are shipped with care in cardboard tubes.

Also, I have three prints of Beans left over from a previous run, so these are available along with the new prints until sold out.

Feel free to swing over to the Signalnoise Store and check out the first run of prints.

More iPhone wallpapers

iPhone: James White

I have two new iPhone wallpapers available for download and use on your slick technology. This time you can grab The Looking Glass and Munich to add a bit of color to your iPhone or iTouch.


Poster proofs

Signalnoise proofs, James White

I received proofs for the first five posters to be available in my store, which is pretty exciting. They are all 18″ x 24″ on semi-gloss white stock with nice bold colors and clear, detailed shapes.

You can see shots of the proofs on my Flickr stream of Signalera, Dagger Woods and 1976, as well as Munich and Commodore 64. These means the store will be live soon once I receive the stock from the print shop.

The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass: James White

I wanted a bit more challenge with The Looking Glass, so I switched up my style a bit. It’s been quite some time since I’ve used a lighter background and I adjusted my shapes with more curves to create a softer composition. This is 18 x 24.

I was influenced by Polaroid package design from the 60s and 70s while trying to develop the concept and angle from this piece. Polaroid used wonderfully simple designs with bold colors to create a very unique identity at a time when photography was becoming accessible to the common person.

The title comes directly from the season 3 finale of Lost, which was derived from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass.

Inspiration: Daniele De Nigris

Daniele De Nigris

I have been following the work of Italian designer Daniele De Nigris for a few months now and have been floored by the sheer amount of experimental work he pumps out. His Flickr stream is teeming with bold vector works with pattern experiments, typography, impossible perspectives, overlay experiments, and the list goes on.

His pattern and impossible perspective works are very much akin to the work of M.C. Escher, while his illustration work has a certain starkness much like René Magritte with a modern execution and slickness. There is also a retro touch to his art. Very inspiring stuff.

His work speaks for itself, just check out his Flickr stream.